Will you really be watched when you're online?

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This is a clever article from my favourite Music Industry blog that pokes some holes in the projected losses argument record executives have been using as fuel for their fire in the on going war around copyright. It also draws attention to another common occurance in the history of copyright infringement, P2P networks on apparently on the way out, but following close behind is a new form of online piracy just as difficult to police. So have a read and find out just what did happen to the RIAA’s missing $3.5 billion.

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This is a rather interesting article from a nifty little blog that talks all things Music Industry.
A well informed piece, this article discusses the recent UK High Court decision that Internet Service Providers block access to the Pirate Bay on their networks. The author discusses not only the ethical issues with domain blocking, but the technological obsticles that lie ahead. Blocking the Pirate Bay is worth a read.

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For a change, this video shows something that has actually happened! The reaction to ACTA was quite violent in Poland and this video is a news report about the dissent generated over the treaty. It is interesting to note that this video was posted by “Occupy Philly” who obviously harbours a strong anti-capitlalist agenda so it’s reasonable to assume there is a fair amount of biased there.

This video addressed some of the potential capabilities of ACTA, but again if ACTA was to be ratified all the legislation would need to be passed in the usual process of the country in question. For this reason, the issues they raise surrounding the absence of due process, are arguable, and in my opinion not entirely correct. It is worth noting though the ACTA provisions could potentially lead to this kind of enforcement.

Here is another video that paints ACTA out as a evil force designed to alienate us all, conveniently ignoring the fundamental aims of protecting the intellectual property of rightful copyright owners. From my research I focussed on the online piracy aspects of ACTA so I’m not in any position to comment on the other content in the video, but if it’s anything like the information about the music industry I’m going assume it’s just as unsubstantiated, and just as incorrect.

For starters, once ACTA is ratified it won’t immediately become law, instead it is passed through a countries parlimentary system where they vote on whether or not to make some of the provisions law. And, online service providers are certainly not watching your every move, rather sites that facilitate copyright infringement would be monitored. Nonetheless it’s interesting to watch this to see where the hysteria comes from.

This is video put together and posted online attempting to explain the principles of ACTA. Essentially it is a biased view which speculates largely on some of the negative aspects that came out in some of the drafts. This video doesn’t take into account the actual provisions that have been included in ACTA but provides a bit of an explanation as to why there is so much negative discourse flying around.