Will you really be watched when you're online?

In a response to the rampant amount of online piracy members of the international community have formulated the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). Aiming to fight abuses of copyright and intellectual property ACTA has an admirable agenda but has been met with a multitude of negative responses. If ratified it will affect copyright laws in Australia under the guidelines of the treaty.

While ACTA has the capacity to implement surveillance techniques to identify copyright infringement, there is no mandatory article stating that it is a compulsory method of enforcement. At the end of the day ACTA is aiming to protect the rights of copyright owners, so that artists get the revenue and rewards they deserve! It’s always better to know both sides of the story, so before you start to panic that ‘they’ are looking at your every cyber move through a virtual window get to know what it really stands for and what it’s really about.


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